Holiday break until September

New Tango Courses in Bristol with

Alejandro Angelica


Ornella Solar

Tangopuro® didactic system

Every Wednesday

for beginners, middle and advanced dancers


The Arts House Bristol

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RU

 info: Alejandro Angelica

Cell: 07776 528395



19.00 to 20.00 Tango beginners

20.00 to 21.00 Tango middle and advanced

 21.00 to 21.30 Free practica

Tango Argentine course held by dancers and international masters Alejandro Angelica & Ornella Solar, through the TANGOPURO® system, is a path built into different types of lessons that work in synergy with each other. With this methodology, the student tries to explore its maximum potential in terms of its own level, and explore the main elements of Argentine tango, such as musicality, improvisation, the relationship of the couple and his relationship to the social space, As well as creativity and fundamental communication for this type of dance.
Some elements of improvisation and musicality covered during the courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Deconstruction / construction
  • Binary count
  • Alternating steps that run/walk on the spot
  • Cruzado and Paralelo system
  • Change of direction of movement
  • Changes in intensity 
  • Horizontal width of the step
  • Vertical pitch modulation
  • Pitch selection based on the musical intensity
  • Step based on the modulation of the musical intensity
  • Dance style based on the orchestra’s style
  • Melodic and rhythmic structures
  • Slowly
  • Variación
  • Normal time
  • Double beat and rebound
  • Syncope

INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED: Acquired the basic elements is perfected improvisation, the ratio of the torque balance and musicality, the close embrace, various styles (Apilado, Salon, Milonguero, Nuevo) refined study of the musical elements and the various possibility of balance; search for elegance and naturalness of movements. This course is also useful for those who want to solve the accumulated technical deficiencies in other forms of teaching tango even for those who have studied for several years. Issues discussed during the course:
  • Musicality '(time, backbeat)
  • Quality of movement (walking, moving the center of gravity, leading focus III, scroll)
  • Listening to each other (density ', scroll, circularity of the hug)
  • Moving in space (counterclockwise, modification of the figures for the room)
  • Hug (open and closed forms and spirals, active side scrolling and liability side)
  • Posture (alignment of tense, symmetrical elbows, pelvis in line)
  • Walking (line of the knees, pelvis on time, heel down, step from the center)
  • Leading (Focus I Focus II Focus III)
Sequences that will be studied:
  1. Sacada on ocho Forward
  2. Sacada backward close and open side
  3. Sacada three step in the turn
  4. Combination of paradas and sacadas
  5. Combination of paradasclose and open side
  6. Paradas other steps
  7. Barrida cross man and woman
  8. Turn on open side, rulo
  9. Salida cruzada close side
  10. Turn close side, giro al reves
  11. Va y ven
  12. Turn on two points
  13. Liner Salida
  14. Salida apilada
  15. Bisagra (Hinge)
  16. Boleo backward
  17. Sacada backward manon  ocho forward woman
  18. Gancho woman from parada
  19. Gancho man from the cross
  20. Planeo woman
  21. Alteraciones (Alterations)
  22. Entrada of sacada from linear salida
BEGINNERS: The  TANGOPURO® Academy, presents a unique course specifically designed to bring learning to the fullest potential, aimed at those embarking on the path of the Tango for the first time. Will be explored exhaustively the first elements of the couple's communication, embrace, the walk, the rhythm, the key elements to move in space and the first sequences will also study aspects of improvisation and adaptation of basic structures to the musical interpretation principles, from the very first lesson you will begin to develop real sequences autonomously communicating with your partner and managing both space is the rhythm. Issues discussed during the course will be: Rhythm, Quality movement, mutual listening, space Moving, circularity of the embrace, Posture, Walking, Leading and Following techniques. Some sequences that will be studied:
  1. Baldosa (tile)
  2. Salida simple
  3. Salida simple 3 tempi
  4. Salida cruzada
  5. Salida cruzada dal lato chiuso
  6. Ocho forward
  7. Ocho backward
  8. Parada ocho forward
  9. Parada ocho backward
  10. Sanguchito
  11. Giro lato abierto
  12. Reloj
  13. Giro al reves
  14. Apertura y resolucion girada