Ornella is a versatile Italian performer.
Since the age of six years she attended ballet and modern dance classes in her hometown of.nome?. She continued her path of classical dance with “Shamitsa”, a Russian ballerina and teacher of well known international ballet, who noted Ornella’s abilities and natural talents for ballet.

At the age of 16 Ornella moved to Palermo and started at the dance school “Palermo Dance” to develop other dance styles and techniques, ranging from modern jazz, hip hop, funk, without neglecting the classical dance. She refined her ballet technique with the “Vaganova Method” at the school of “Ahr & Beltrame”,one the most traditional and oldest dance schools in Palermo, founded 40 years ago by the Aurino and Beltrame, two dancers from the Teatro Massimo.

Several times every year she performed in famous theaters throughout Sicily, such as the Massimo theater and others, taking part in stage dramas and well known plays, for example, “Aida”, and the “Carmen.”

In the years following Ornella completed several internships and events in modern jazz, hip hop and aerobics with various masters of national and international fame.
At a young age Ornella began to transfer her technical knowledge by teaching various classical and modern dance courses for girls and girl groups, organized in different dance schools in Sicily, with the ultimate goal of performing for the annual show.
At the same time she continued to participate as a dancer in many events and shows. As well as continuing her collaboration with the choreographer and dancer Palermitana “Laura Agate”.
Ornella moved to Milan in 2009 to start a new phase in the performing arts, studying the Argentine Tango and immediately perfected the technique. And began teaching ‘Tangopuro’, specialized lessons in the technique of the tango by adding her personal touch and femininity.

In the same period she started the very feminine art of “Burlesque”, creating numerous performances in theaters throughout Milan and its suburbs as a soloist or in a duo. Equally took part in group performances based on the themes of facial expressions, femininity, seduction and the scenic presence.

Ornella created a Burlesque show titled “Les Lumiere fatal”, which took viewers back in time to one of the most famous locations in Paris in the 20’s “La Ville Lumiere”. Spectators could enjoy and attend a show of ‘Pin Up’ from the 20s and an evening with sensuality, charm and humor.

Since 2010 she has been teaching tango lessons with Alejandro Angelica and together they have been involved in numerous international festivals in Italy and abroad. In addition they have created several plays and tango performances in fusion with contemporary dance, for example ‘Tango misterio’, “Face of tango “(both fusions of tango and theater) Dada Tango (fusion of tango and contemporary dance).


Artista polivalente italiana, si già dal’età di 6 anni frequenta i corsi di danza di danza classica e moderna, Continua il suo percorso di danza classica con “Shamitsa” ballerina ed insegnate Russa di fama internazionale che nota le sue attitudini e doti naturali verso la danza classica. All’età di 16 anni si trasferisce a Palermo presso la scuola di danza “Palermo danza” per sviluppare altri stili e tecniche di danza, spaziando dal modern jazz, all’hip hop, funky, senza mai trascurare la danza classica. Perfeziona la tecnica di danza classica presso la scuola“Aurino & Beltrame” di Palermo. Inoltre segue diversi stage e conventions di modern jazz, hip hop e aerobica con svariati maestri di fama nazionale ed internazionale.

Comincia a trasferire già giovanissima a le sue conoscenze tecniche impegnandosi in diversi corsi di danza classiche e moderna a gruppi di bambine e ragazzine, organizzate in diverse scuole di danza della Sicilia, con l’obiettivo finale di esibirsi per il saggio annuale.

Viene anche chiamata per partecipare come ballerina in moltissimi eventi e spettacoli, è da distaccare la lunga collaborazione con la coreografa e ballerina Palermitana “Laura Agate”.

Trasferita a Milano inizia una nuova fase nelle arti performative studiando Burlesque e creando numerose performance sia come solista che in duo, approfondendo le tematiche dell’espressioni facciali, la femminilità e la presenza scenica, parallelamente dal 2009 si avvicina al tango e subito si perfezione sia nella tecnica sia nella didattica Tangopuro® e aggiungendo il suo tocco personale e femminile al tango.

Dal 2010 balla con Alejandro Angelica e insieme hanno partecipato a numoresi festival intenazionali in Italia e all’estero, oltre a creare diversi spettacoli teatrali e di tango e di fusione con la danza contemporanea, solo per nominarne alcuni, “Face of tango” (fusione di tango e teatro) e Dada Tango (Fusione di tango e danza contemporanea).

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