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Alejandro Angelica


Ornella Solar


Youth and refined dancers couple, of impact incisive and great versatilities, space from the tango canyengue to the electrotango, from the tango salón to the milonga with traspié, from the vals to the tango show. They develop all the possibilities of the tango both as bodily expression as theatricality and an as form of not verbal communication, in operation of this last principle is founded their technique and their artistic skills that bring them to the extreme limits of the improvisation, faithful to the most ancient traditions of the tango and base for the search of the most actual and evolved forms and dynamics of the dance.

Alejandro Angelica & Ornella Solar

What we do


Professional Choreographies for Theatrical Shows and Performances.

For Tango Dancers, Contemporary Dancers Actors or Performance Artists. 


Large experience in all tango styles and themes, for International workshops and Festivals In Europe and Asia.


Styles & Techniques

Experts in Tango Canyengue, Tango Nuevo, Tango Salon, Tango Show, Vals, Milonga con Traspié, Milonga Lisa.

Private Lessons

For improving at the maximum level your tango technique for professionals or amateurs.  


Years of International experience in performance theatrical shows and worldwide workshops

Social Media

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All Events List

September 2019

September 5th Theme Workshop in Yomoda Milan 

September 6th Choreographic workshop in Milan

September 7th Milonga in Bristol

Tdj Alejandro Angelica

Cross Hands Pub

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Collaboration with other artists

We Collaborated during the years with photographers, theatre directors, music composers, choreographers, video makers and many others.


We love the real tango origin that is based on the improvisation, because of that our performances are based by creating the choreography in real-time fully connected with the music and the style of the orchestra.


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  • Cotham Church Parish Hall Cotham Rd, Bristol BS6 6DR
  • Regular Tuesday Lessons

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.